Mazatlan Basic food staple prices stable


Despite the Christmas season, consumers are optimistic about the holidays

Mazatlan.- A few days before the good night arrives, consumers were optimistic about the prices for the holidays, do not perceive excessive increases or expenses.


In a tour, through two of Mazatlan’s important markets, such as José María Pino Suarez and Juan Carrasco, merchants and buyers said that the increase in basic basket products has not been reflected, except in poblano chile, that months ago its price will increase, but the rest has remained, said Juan Aguirre diner.

While Dora, a housewife who makes her purchases, said that she buys Pino Suarez in the market daily and has not noticed that the costs to what she consumes have increased, such as the Egg, fruits, vegetables, as well as chicken and meat, said that entering the year is usually when the increase in prices is perceived.

“Right now I have not noticed that prices rise, the” zarpazo “comes entering the year, usually they always raise them.” He pointed out.


Another of the vendors argued that the most sold these days, is meat, chicken, cheese, butter, butter, among other products, also mentioned that sales emerge a week before Christmas and therefore made the invitation to that they are acquiring the products that they are going to occupy in the dinner of good night, and avoid mishaps, or in their case the shortage.

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