DIF goes against child labor exploitation in Mazatlan


They will pay attention to the public roads of the port during this December holiday period to avoid accidents involving infants who are exploited at work

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- To prevent minors from being exposed to the dangers on public roads by their parents or a guardian, during this next December holiday period, the DIF System in Mazatlan will launch a program at the same time of surveillance to detect those who could be exploited at work, Roberto Rodríguez Lizárraga announced.

The general director of the System for the Integral Development of the Family in the port stressed that the actions are preventive, and in case of detecting children who are being exploited they will be insured and taken to a shelter, while the parents or the adult using them in this way must also bear the legal consequences.

 “As of December 21, we started a ‘No to Child Labor’ campaign, here it is important to know that children who are involved in begging, who are adults who put minors to work, are not from here the locality, in an 80 percent they are of the periphery, that is to say of Durango, of Nayarit, of Guerrero ”.

He asked people to locate or see a child being exploited to let him know before the DIF so that they can also proceed and avoid abuses of infants, which sometimes occur during the holiday period in December.

Source: linea directa

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