The famous activist Rainbow Hawk passed away in La Paz on Friday


After the news of his death was announced, thousands of inhabitants of the capital of Baja California Sur issued messages of condolences and farewell

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS ). This Friday, December 13, the death of Rainbow Hawk was announced, a well-known artist and activist who frequented the La Paz seawall in the company of his dog “Rosa”; After the news, thousands of citizens mourned his death.

“With deep sadness, we announce the death of Rainbow Hawk. We thank from the heart those who came to help him in life; he also thanked him, ”confirmed the official account of Giulietta e Romeo, a site he liked to visit constantly.

It should be mentioned that Rainbow had been hospitalized days before, which required urgent medications and treatments, so a call was made through social networks, however, this was not enough.

It was in 1959 when the activist of American origin arrived in southern California, although he is known for his environmental activism, Hawk is one of the propagators of the Prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors, an ancient prediction of the natives of North America.

At the time, Rainbow explained that his happiness was based on maintaining the prophecy to be fulfilled and “share a smile.” In addition, one of the best-known songs by Bob Marley and the Wailers, which appears on the 1971 Soul Revolution album, said it was dedicated to him and the rainbow warriors.

He was born in WashingtonDistrict of Columbia ( DC ), but lived a good part of his life in various cities in California. He left on a sailboat in the United States and arrived in southern California in 1959. For several years he would travel from La Paz to Viña del Mar and Valparaíso, in Chile, and then return to California, but he would never leave this city. He laughed when we asked him: What has changed since then ?, and replied that in those days the people of La Paz lived only between El Esterito and El Manglito, the rest was the desert.

Although he is known primarily for his environmental activism, being one of the founders of the Rainbow Tribe, which in 1972 initiated the world-famous Rainbow Gathering, as well as a precursor to the Greenpeace organization, Rainbow Hawk is one of the propagators of the Prophecy of the Warriors of the Rainbow, an ancient prediction of the Native Americans, which ensures that “there will come a time when the birds will fall from the sky, the animals of the forests will die, the sea will blacken and the rivers will run poisoned. At that time, men of all races and peoples will unite as rainbow warriors to fight the destruction of the earth. ”

His happiness, he explains, is based on maintaining the prophecy so that it is fulfilled and “sharing a smile”, while talking about love, to also let out a deep laugh, remember: “I was married twice, but my life has many lovers” .

On the other hand, there is the artistic side of Rainbow, who is a cartoonist, pointillist like Georges Seurat , with works where the theme of Mexican culture predominates, and a musician, specialized in guitar, saxophone, flute and tuba. Remember that in the days of good rock he came to share the stage nothing more and nothing less than with Janis Joplin , Grateful Dead , The Band and Bob Marley , to mention some great. He even says that Sun is shining , one of the best-known songs of Bob Marley and the Wailers , which appears on the album Soul Revolution, from 1971, is dedicated to him and the rainbow warriors, and quotes a couple of verses: “Want you to know I’m a rainbow too / So, to the rescue here I am.”

La Paz was peace,” says Rainbow Hawk, recalling the violent events that have occurred in the city, remembering that corruption is everywhere and practiced by the minority, “only one group ”, So it is best to create an alternate system and ignore the political hoaxes, as suggested by the architect Richard Buckminster Fuller , creator of geodesic domes and initiator of terms such as synergy, Earth spacecraft and efemeralization.

“Do you know how to know when a politician is lying? … His lips move,” he says as a joke, confessing that he has never voted in his life, because in a corrupted system if you vote “you vote for corruption.”

Rainbow was seen every day on the boardwalk, walking his dog Rosa, drinking coffee, drawing, visiting Fecebook, smoking cigarettes and talking with anyone who likes to share trivial and cosmic chats; He lives in his Volkswagen Kombiwagen parked under the ruins of the old La Perla store in La Paz, awaits the prophecy.

Finally, the departure of the well-known artist provoked a wave of messages by way of condolences and farewell to whom, with a smile, he always remained present in La Paz.

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