Mazatlan prepares for increased vacationer traffic


Comandante Francisco Guerra highlights that the road operation is ready

Mazatlan.- On the occasion of the December holidays, as of December 12, a rebound in vehicle capacity in the city is expected due to the arrival of vacationers, said the Municipal Transit Commander, Francisco Guerra González.

He mentioned that with the constant promotion made by the municipal president, Chemist Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, the city is a permanent place for vacationers, especially on weekends, when the number of units increases by 10 percent on average.

However, he said that for the festivities of the season, a further increase is expected, so the road operation that will be implemented to prevent accidents is ready.

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“On these Christmas dates, I think that from day 12 we will have an influx between 15 and 20 percent vehicular. We are prepared. I have talked with the staff and they are already in order to continue giving their best so that this has a white balance. We expect citizens to put their grain of sand to lower the accident rate, especially motorcyclists. They have to take care of their physical integrity, avoid accidents, respect the speed more than anything, motorcyclists are indispensable to reduce this index ”.

Regarding the closing of streets, the Transit Commander said that until day 24, the Aquiles Serdán avenue, from Zaragoza to Leandro Valle, as well as Benito Juárez street between March 21 and Canizalez, is generally closed.

Source: pmxportal

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