Roads created with plastics are already a reality in Mexico


The first one is in Guanajuato in which more than 250 thousand containers of this recycled material were used

In an interview with Sofía García and Alejandro Sánchez in Informativo El Heraldo Weekend , the engineer Ernesto Jáuregui general director of the center of the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) of Guanajuato, spoke about the construction of the first road with plastic materials , the which was carried out on a 14-kilometer stretch of the Irapuato Road to Cuerámaro

The person in charge of reviewing and supervising the work, said that this is a great innovation, in addition to representing the opportunity to work and apply this type of products, appealing to the technological progress that exists in the matter of roads.

Although the specialist indicated that for a few years already working with modified asphalt, it is not the same to apply polymers from the chemical industry to the fact that the raw material comes from the recycling of bags and plastic products, a situation that can help a lot On the environmental issue.

The idea of ​​creating this test section on the road from Irapuato to Cuerámaro is to sustain in a documented way all the benefits that it grants, from the durability of this material, as well as the fact of recycling plastics for its elaboration.

This type of innovation, said the engineer, has approximate durability of 15 years depending on various variables ranging from weather to traffic level, all in order to have more durable asphalt folders.

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Source: el heraldo

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