Mazatlan municipality commits to support the deceased family of Parks and Gardens workers


She said that all workers in the municipality have and have to handle safety equipment according to the Civil Protection regulations.

Ana Lidia Aviles.

Mazatlan, Sin.- After regretting the death of Felipe Millán, a worker in the Parks and Gardens area who died when a palm tree fell during his workday, the municipal administration offered full support to the family, José de Jesús Flores Segura reported.

The Secretary of the City Council, assured that all the workers of the municipality count and have to manage safety equipment according to the Civil Protection norms, but thorough investigation, responsibilities will be defined once the expert opinion is obtained.

He explained that the fact that a palm tree will collapse, shows the bad planning that was carried out in the last administration so that a transplant is carried out to remove the one that is in poor condition by a species that can withstand the weather conditions of the port.

“We have information that at the time the palm was falling, he ran to the opposite side of where he was working and the event was presented. We have information that there is a vehicle involved that caused it to not be protected, but the authorities will investigate. ”

Flores Segura added that the worker who died was unionized and supervised the Parks and Gardens of the Public Services Department.

Source: radio formula mazatlan

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