Sinaloa prohibits sale, purchase, possession, and handling of fireworks


It will be considered as an aggravated administrative offense

On Monday, November 18, were published in the Official Gazette of the State of Sinaloa, the reforms to sections III and IV of Article 59 of the Police and Government, and to section III of Article 37 of the Regulations of Public Road Trade, in which the sale, purchase, possession, and manipulation of pyrotechnics on public roads is prohibited, establishing these behaviors as aggravated administrative offenses.

Therefore, through the Inspection and Surveillance Unit, in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Safety and Municipal Transit, operations will be implemented to remove and sanction any seller that is selling fireworks on public roads .

The SSPTM urges citizens to avoid the use of these devices, especially in girls and boys, since they are the most affected by injuries caused by the use of rockets, also to report to 9-1-1, points of sale of these products.

Source: linea directa

The Mazatlan Post