Sinaloa Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel announced state and federal investment to prevent flooding in Mazatlan


The investment includes rescuing the old collector to benefit the population of four colonies in the center of the port_

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Mazatlan Sinaloa. To reduce the risk of floods generated by rains in a large area of ​​Mazatlan that includes the Centro, Lázaro Cárdenas, Playas Sur and Gabriel Leyva colonies, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel announced a state and federal investment for almost 70 million pesos in the rehabilitation of the Roosevelt collector, and the construction of a new one, works that will be completed within eight months.

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The announcement was made by the state leader himself from the Roosevelt collector, located in the street “Belisario Domínguez”, where he explained that these works will allow the eviction of rainwater from the downtown area in an efficient manner, for which collectors will be built that, at specific points, they will connect to conduct water from runoff without affecting the population.

He explained that this is a bipartite investment of the state with the federation, so he thanked the support of the Government of the Republic, and acknowledged that during the process of construction of the collectors they will generate discomfort, so he asked the population for understanding, since the benefit will be for many years.

Resultado de imagen para inundaciones mazatlan centro

Quirino Ordaz explained that the work includes the rehabilitation of Roosevelt collector, with a length of 868 meters but has already fulfilled its useful life, to which will be added just over two kilometers of new collectors, one along the street “Miguel Alemán” that will have a length of 1,348 meters, another one of the “José Azueta” street of 787 meters in length will be connected to it and another one by the “Lázaro Cárdenas” of 221 meters in length.

“The hydraulic capacity of the main channel is very limited. In addition, the unloading and the drawer of the collector itself suffer from continuous dusting, so their discharge capacity is greatly reduced. In addition to this, during the rainy season, tidal levels cause a hydraulic plug that affects the exit. And due to the lack of an adequate storm drainage system, a large part of the streets in this sector continually become lagoons, ”said the governor.

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The state leader stressed that it is a very important work because it will come to mitigate the floods, and although there have been comments and criticisms that have been generated by the streets that were made, it is not such, because they have new drainage,  the problem is the collector, although there will be and will continue to be flooded, but no longer at the level that they present and generate great material damage to the houses ”.

Resultado de imagen para inundaciones mazatlan centro

He reiterated that it is a relevant work for the center of Mazatlan because it will give an answer to the population and the image of the city itself in an area that is widely visited.

* Construction of Flood Mitigation Works in the Downtown Mazatlan Zone: *

* Rehabilitation of 868.57 ml of Roosevelt Collector

* Construction of Rain Collector in Lázaro Cárdenas Street with a Length of 221.28 ml

* Construction of Rain Collector in Miguel Aleman Street with a Length of 1,348.98 ml

* Construction of rain collector in José Azueta street with a total length of 787.03 ml

* Investment: * $ 69,456,140

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