New edition of the world’s largest “Aguachile” will be held in Culiacan


On this occasion, three tons of aguachile will be prepared

Resultado de imagen para aguachile más grande del mundo

Culiacan, Sinaloa. – The National Chamber of the Restaurant of Restaurants and Food Spiced in Culiacan will realize the seventh edition of the elaboration of the biggest aguachile of the world, announced its president, Miguel Taniyama Ceballos.

Realizarán nueva edición del aguachile más grande del mundo en Culiacán

The leader of the restaurant guild mentioned that the biggest gastronomic event in Sinaloa will be taking place from January 24 to 26 on Paseo del Angel in Culiacan.

“It has been a 7-year walk, where we doubted if it was going to take place, if we were going to get support, today the aguachile is a reality and it is something that fills me with satisfaction. The cost of the ticket will be the same at 50 pesos and includes soda and movie tickets, ”he said.

He said that this time 2.5 tons of shrimp, a ton of cucumber, 700 kilograms of onion and two thousand kilograms of lemons will be made.

He revealed that the secret recipe with which the world’s largest aguachile will be prepared, is being prepared with salsa de Guacamaya however, they are in the latest trials to perfect the flavor.

Resultado de imagen para aguachile más grande del mundo

Taniyama Ceballos explained that for the first time it will be sought to be registered in the Guinness record book, however, there was a problem because the State of Sinaloa is on a Warning Alert from the U.S.

“The offices of the Guinness records are in London, they have their representatives in the United States, we talked with the representative about 15 days ago, something painful happened to us because I wanted them to come to witness but he told us that they could not come because Sinaloa is on Warning Alert , that’s why we have to send video, ”he said.

Source: reaccion infornativa, La Ruta de la Garnacha

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