Mazatlan shrimp ladies expect great sales this holiday weekend


* Increase sales up to 80 percent
* To prepare some delicious shrimp

With the arrival of the first long weekend, Mazatlan is in an 80% occupation with the expectation of more tourists arriving at the port to celebrate the national holidays, the changueras expect good shrimp sales.

Norma Leticia Beltrán Flores, a member of the Shrimp Union of Mazatlan said that sales are low but expect to increase from Saturday 14.

“Right now the sale is low, we are waiting for this weekend to see, we expect many customers to come and buy us, every year these days we raise the sale around 70-80 percent,” he said.

The changueras make an invitation to the Mazatlan people, national and foreign to go and consume quality product.

“We invite you to come and eat shrimp at the shrimp union, we are located in Aquiles Serdán, we have shrimp for ceviche, cocktail, aguachile, callus and fresh octopus.

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The Mazatlan Post