Surf classes for people with disabilities open in Mazatlan


Surfing for men, and women over 14 years old, who have a disability, whether motor or visual, can enroll

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- For the first time in Mazatlan, surfing lessons adapted to people with motor disabilities began courses that will take place every Saturday, at the access to the beach of the Pueblo Bonito hotel, as reported Martín Díaz Martínez, the teacher in charge of the group.

In this new activity, men and women who have a disability, whether amputation, visual or any other physical limitation, and who have an age of 14 years or more can enroll, although children under this age may also be accompanied from their parents.

“It is an adapted surf school, it is a national project, there are only two schools, the truth is that most of the great adventures are after fear, we are always afraid that a wave will roll us, get into the sea, but nothing is impossible, you have to try to do things, the beauty of sport is after the challenge. ”

The young teacher said that it is thought that between the two schools that practice this sport and other states interested in Mexico, national competitions are held after one year of classes, which could encourage more people.

Díaz Martínez commented that he has always been a sports lover, and when he suffered an amputation a few years ago, he decided to show that he could get ahead, facts that have led him to surf for 8 years, experience that has left him grateful and Now try to return what he has been taught.

“I started at the age of 17, so I have been meeting quite a few extraordinary people who are in worse conditions than me and that is what has helped me find my daily life as a normal person, I think it is time to return that so that all people live it, mainly the disabled ”.

He described that the feeling of being among the waves is special for people who are adrenaline lovers, since each wave is different, which causes a satisfaction that does not buy even money, which makes those who practice the sport, Always be happy.

He added that if there are many students interested in taking surf lessons, there are more athletes interested in supporting the import of the course, therefore they will be held from 9 to 11 in the morning every Saturday, behind the Pueblo Bonito hotel.

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