New Aviation School plans for Guamuchil Sinaloa


Tentatively the next month will start operating at the airfield.

Guamúchil , Sinaloa .- With the firm objective of giving life and constant movement to the airfield, as well as arousing interest among young people in the Evora region and other municipalities to serve as pilots tomorrow, tentatively next month will install an Aviation School in Guamúchil, says Humberto Valenzuela.

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The concessionaire details that this action will undoubtedly generate activity that is so desired at the airfield since it currently only works as a small plane accommodation since it is much cheaper to rent a hangar here than in Culiacán or anywhere else.

“Unfortunately, we currently have few operations at the aerodrome, but we bring some projects to revive things, but for this we need resources.

Right now we are working on the efforts to establish an Aviation School here, which is one of the prestigious ones in Guadalajara, and its training base, if there are no last-minute changes, would start working from the month that enters.

The main objective is to be generating movement little by little and that this is, more than anything, with order, for that reason there are elements of the Mexican Army there at the airfield, and then to me, that I am the one in charge of this, it is best for things to work in the best possible way, ”says concessionaire Humberto Valenzuela.

It should be noted that for approximately 12 years the Salvador Alvarado airfield remained closed, an action that undoubtedly came to greatly affect the economic part of the municipality, but also somehow impacted Mocorito and Angostura, since the transfer of passengers that ended It was high up in the mountains.

Today Humberto Valenzuela wants to recover that, to give productivity again to the aerodrome and to have it spill in the Évora region, but he cannot alone, for this he occupies the support of the municipal authorities and the organizers of the Sebastián de Évora Route.

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