Durango security forces get a well-deserved pay increase


Both the agents of the SSP and the Prosecutor’s Office

The government led by José Aispuro Torres authorized an 8 percent increase to the different security forces in the state of Durango, corresponding to 8 percent.

It was said that in the present administration there is a 31% increase in salaries of workers who perform security tasks and this gives confidence to both public servants and the public.

It will be from the next fortnight when it begins to apply an increase of 8 percent to the salary of personnel of Security forces of the State Government, informed the Secretary of Finance and Administration, Arturo Díaz Medina.

Noting that this is an increase that strengthens the income of families of security elements, the official announced that in the present administration has achieved a general increase to the forces of order reaching a 31 percent.

He indicated that both the workers of the State Attorney General’s Office who work as: Investigative Agent, Public Prosecutor, Expert, Forensic Doctor, Forensic Technician and Geneticist, as well as Public Security officers who hold the position of: Police Officer , Corporal, Custodian, Auxiliary Sergeant, Supervising Sergeant, Chief of Security and Custody, and Deputy Chief of Security and Custody, will be the beneficiaries of the increase.

It should be mentioned that there will be retroactive that will be applied in two issues, the first will be delivered on August 15, and the second one a month later, that is, on September 15, the state official finished.

Source: noticiasdelsoldelalaguna

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