Thefts at businesses and homes in Mazatlan persist; Crime prevention plan implemented


The month of June closed with 65 complaints from convenience stores, pharmacies and gas stations

Thefts to businesses and to homes in Mazatlan continue, June closed with 65 business complaints and 39 of homes robberies; Secretary of Canaco Mazatlan, Guillermo Romero Rodríguez, revealed.

He commented that the registered cases are similar to those that took place in the month of May, and they trust that with the equipment of new vehicles that have been given to the Secretary of Public Security, they can decrease the crime wave.

He explained that where there are more problems of insecurity is in convenience stores, pharmacies and gas stations, especially those located in the downtown and neighborhoods such as Urias and La Sirena.

“We closed the month of June with reports of 65 businesses for robberies and assaults, and 39 of house robberies, it remained stable in May, although the crime reports have not risen, but what we want is that number to come down, “he said.

Romero Rodríguez applauded that the government has invested in the issue of security equipment, and it will strengthen the 11 sectors in Mazatlan, plus the rural area.

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Also, members of the Municipal Council of Public Safety, trust that the 17 new motorcycles delivered by the mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, will help to prevent crime in the city.

Last week we had a meeting of the Security Council, we presented a very good plan, says the secretary of Public Security, where we are going to bet on motorbikes patrols to inhibit crime, the preventive issue, theft to businesses and home burglaries.

Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres

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One of the most curious data that has been revealed by the SSPE, is the large installation of at least 700 surveillance cameras in the port, which symbolizes a 400% increase in the surveillance infrastructure that already has the city of Mazatlan

Mazatlan had just over 120 cameras of which only 68% were in function, however, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel requested to quadruple the number of teams in order to generate high expectations of security for national and foreign visitors.

In addition to the no-holds-barred investment in surveillance equipment, the agency is analyzing the possibility of having bilingual staff attending emergency calls on 911 to assist foreigners who need support 


65 complaints of business theft in June.

39 complaints of home theft in June.

Source: el sol de mazatlan, revistaespejo

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