Chorreada in Mazatlan – What is a Chorreada?


In Mazatlan, if you want to eat something at night and ask for a recommendation of a local, they will probably recommend 2 things, the Asado and the Chorreada, as soon as you read Chorreada you imagined many things but you can not imagine what is this delicious but traditional Mazatlan dish.

Is a Chorreada a Gordita?

A Chorreada or Gordita

When you ask for it and they bring it to your table, it is more likely that you think it is a simple Gordita with roast meat on top but this is a bit incorrect since the Sinaloense Chorreada is much more than a Gordita.

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Basic structure of a chorreada of roasted meat.

The base of the chorreada is a Gordita, but that’s where the similarity ends with the Gorditas, this Chorreada that is heated in pork grease is smeared with a thin layer of pork seats the seats is what sits on the pots where carnitas or chicharrones are prepared); Then you add cheese that is grated on the grill, usually in Sinaloa Chihuahua cheese is used, after this the meat is added roasted, you can put cabbage, onion, and sauce on top but this varies from taqueria to taqueria .

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Knowing the structure does not give us all the flavor so I invite you if you are in Mazatlan or in any other municipality in the state of Sinaloa you dare to try a dribble and tell us your experience.

If you are in Mazatlan Don’t miss out trying a Chorreada


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