They fertilize palm trees on the Malecon; it is not oil, says Ecology Dept of Mazatlan


Very early in the morning, those who went out to the Malecon saw the black substance in the roots of the palm trees and in social networks they shared that it was black oil or burned. 

But Mazatlan Municipal Ecology dept reported that it was fertilizer. 

Through a Facebook account that was tagged to Lourdes San Juan, the owner of the agency asked someone to answer for that. From there the data came out

San Juan said that Public Services applied a substance to try to revive them. 

What it is about is to seek to recover them because some have not adapted to the terrain and are drying up. 

Urban cleaning workers pointed out that the black spot is on the palm trees located from the fisherman’s monument to the Olas Altas Inn hotel.

It is expected that the fertilizer will begin to have effects in the coming weeks 

Source: rasnoticias

The Mazatlan Post