Mazatlan has 90 colonies at risk of flooding


Mazatlan enable 42 temporary shelters for this hurricane season in the Pacific

Mazatlan , Sinaloa .- Around 90 colonies of Mazatlan are at risk of flooding or washing in this rainy season, so Municipal Civil Protection conducted a census of the areas at risk, and in that sense began preventive actions.

The coordinator of this unit, Eloy Ruíz Gastélum, said that the City Council has initiated preventive actions such as cleaning channels and streams, where they have raised a large amount of garbage.

Mazatlan has 90 colonies at risk of flooding.

“We have around 90 colonies at risk of flooding, it can be from a mild flood or an intense or moderate flood, or in risks of mudslides or landslides, we have very specific sites where we have that type of risk,” he said.

He explained that the areas most prone to landslides are the hills of Vigía, Del Obispado, Flores Magón, and Lomas del Ébano.

According to the Municipal Master Plan for Urban Development of Mazatlan, the city is comprised of 187 subdivisions, 141 colonies, 5 housing units and a housing complex, giving a total of 334 registered regular settlements, although according to the College of Architects this document is already out of phase.


Also State Civil Protection began with the habilitation of 42 temporary shelters in Mazatlan and 17 of first instance. The first one is located in the facilities of the Club de Leones.

The delegate in the southern zone, Oscar Osuna, added that the UAS Sports Center will be included in 2019 and also recalled that last year there was an incident at the university, so this time the situation and this site was resolved. it will also serve as a refuge.

“We would be in coordination with the municipality to be able to activate them, which we had previously as the first instance were the Lions Club, the Convention Center, the ICO and the UAS, we are going to check with the municipal unit which will be activating in the first instance”, he explained.

Osuna Tirado stressed that according to guidelines of Civil Protection at the national level, these shelters should have bathrooms, kitchen, showers, ample parking and, above all, that are safe and are outside an area of ​​risk.


334 regular settlements are those registered in Mazatlan.

42 temporary shelters will be enabled for the next rainy season.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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