Food with marijuana: haute cuisine is “high”



There will come a day when Michelin stars will be green

There is no way to walk through the canals of Amsterdam to know that everything is possible in that city. At least for chef Noah Tucker, especially regarding the use of unusual ingredients such as marijuana. 

The New Yorker Tucker before founding his own business, was immersed in different Michelin kitchens in his hometown (San Francisco) and Japan.

Arrived in Amsterdam a couple of years ago, opened some restaurants. Now he has a project called  High Cuisine , with which he proposes to return to the concept of haute cuisine and develop an investigation on herbs (including  cannabis) by  giving them the same treatment as with any other ingredient.

The above was exercised in a series of dinners that gave him guidelines for the creation of a cookbook.

food with marijuana

Here, besides using cannabis, he studies various spices and herbs that have been in Holland since his Golden Age (17th century) to know which ones have some psychoactive effect.

With this unusual work in the kitchen, his dream is to make an international movement that will revolutionize the world of haute cuisine.

food with marijuana

In addition, a few months ago the Tucker opened Yerba , a restaurant of organic and sustainable food with vegetarian, vegan and omnivorous options. A place whose philosophy is to emphasize the relationship between local producers, our well-being and the environment.

food with marijuana

Visit the High Cuisine  IG  and review Tucker’s creations as well as his other project 

cannabis-cannabis-gourmet food

Infographics: Alicia O. Cariño

Written by:Liliana Ortiz
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