Mazatlan downtown experiencing broken windows and thefts at dawn; police will make operational changes


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Faced with the facts recorded at dawn this Saturday in the commercial zone of the city center, where damage was registered to three businesses and robbery to one more, the Municipal Public Security Secretariat works on the strategy to restore the security area and effectively safeguard the assets of the commercial sector and the rest of the inhabitants.

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The director of the corporation, Ramiro Lizárraga Medina, explained what happened was due to a distraction in the service, a situation that is sought to be corrected immediately, based on an assessment of the facts that allows the necessary operational changes to be made.

The Secretary of Public Security of Mazatlan sent a message to the members of the local Chamber of Commerce, to whom he assured that efforts are being redoubled from the SSP and TM both administratively and operatively

Lizárraga Medina, stressed that it should analyze, investigate and immediately attack what happened; He added that the possibility that the events have been perpetrated by an outside offender

“We are going to be proactive in the matter, it was a distraction in the service, we are going to be transparent here in our action because there were four break-ins in a short time and the effort of the area was not redoubled. To do this, we work on the relevant study for the necessary operational changes and give the opportunity to the staff who really want to work, “he said.

The same person looted businesses, according to local video cameras

For the time being, we do not have the total sum of how much the material damages amount, nor does it represent the economic amount of the objects and stolen money

Three plasma screens, 30 cell phones and cash, in addition to damage to the facilities of six stores in the port of Mazatlan, is the report of what was recorded in the stolen during the first hours of this Saturday, which They captured the video cameras of the same affected businesses, Heriberto Martínez López revealed.

The Director of Operations of the Ministry of Public Security said that the robberies were not simultaneous, since they were carried out by the same people, in the course of 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., according to the investigations and inquiries made. .

Apparently, the criminals undertook a route, which began at the center’s Famsa stores, then at the Telcel company, located on the Mexican Army Avenue, until they reached a pawnshop

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