Mazatlán: Auto hits and then burns down in the Sabalo-Cerritos


MAZATLÁN.- A car was burned down almost entirely when it was running on Sabalo Cerritos Avenue, before climbing the second bridge of La Marina.

The unit involved is a Volkswagen Jetta, red, with license plates from Baja California.

The report of the event was made at 9:00 pm on Thursday.

Witnesses of the accident mentioned that the driver of the car lost control of the unit and hit the ridge on a vacant lot, at which point the unit’s fire started.

The driver left by his own means and retired from the place, where the flames consumed the jetta.

It was said that other people came with the driver, but it has not been confirmed.

To the place they went elements of Mazatlan Firefighters, Civil Protection and Municipal Transit to determine responsibilities.

Source: pmxportal

The Mazatlan Post