MAZATLÁN Civil servants begin to appear on nepotism charges


The investigation folder of 33 public officials, who are linked by nepotism and influence peddling, are in the stage of appearance of the officials.

Rafael Padilla Díaz, head of the Internal Control Body, explained that the ones signaled with the secrecy that the investigation corresponds to have already been presented.

“It is a part of them, they are calling to appear to the people that have to be done. Absences do not happen because they are ordinances of authority, we are jurisdictional authority, “he said.

He stressed that there is a group of lawyers, through whom they take each of the cases, to study the complaint and reach the material truth.

The violation of the Law of Administrative Responsibilities would be one of the facts that could be punished, however, it is the influence peddling a fact that has seriousness.

“I can not say what the sanction would be, but we need that truth to be able to act. But in general, we continue working with 200 cases that cover the two administrations, in processes until last administration with citizen complaints, reviews and different, “he concluded.

Source: SEL

The Mazatlan Post