25-year-old Mazatleca loses her life aboard a four-wheeler


The mishap occurred due to the alleged run over of a driver from Durango

Mazatlan; Sin.- A woman of approximately 25 years of age lost her life at dawn this Saturday when she was hit by an SUV-type white Dodge when she tried to cross the lane on top of a four-wheel drive on Camarón Sábalo Avenue in front of the Diving area in the Marina district.

The reports indicate that the young woman was leaving around 4:15 in the morning when she was hit by the truck from Durango with plates from Sonora.

Apparently, the girl whose data are not yet available, is presumed to be originally from the port; in the accident, another person who was traveling with her was also involved, which was seriously injured so she was taken to a hospital to receive medical attention.

In the place according to witnesses, the driver of the vehicle tried to walk away, so he left the doors of the truck open; however, he was arrested.

Source: linea Directa

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