Pulmonias in Mazatlan do not make a profit during Easter vacations


The drivers of the pulmonia units assure that tourists prefer to walk through the coastal zone instead of paying a passage, for this reason, the sector is affected on these holidays.

Mazatlan, Sin.- Up until this Friday the demand for the service of the transport of pulmonias in Mazatlan was low, because tourists prefer to walk the port of Mazatlan and the coastal area to enjoy the climate and the beauties offered by the pearl from Pacific.

According to the drivers of this rental service interviewed this Holy Friday said that unlike other years, the demand is lower, visitors prefer to move on foot, because of the musical events that occur at the edge of the boardwalk, an avenue in the coastal area was closed, so tourists choose to walk until they reach the place they want.

“Well now the streets are saturated, there are many people but really little gain for us that is the reality, here we are standing, nobody wants a car, they are all traveling well, and then it is the only thing we see, the port is full”.

“Profit is not there, everyone thinks the same, but the ones that are left do not give up, all the people want to go to the malecon, and yesterday in the afternoon they saw the malecon and that way it’s no use, it’s better for the people to walk”.

The drivers of the rental units trust that the stronger days such as Saturday and Sunday are the passages may increase since there will be more visitors.

Source: linea directa

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