Mazatlán: overturned car accident on Carlos Canseco ave alcohol suspected


The driver of a car lost control of the steering wheel, hit against a street light pole and subsequently overturned.

This new accident registered in Mazatlán happened near seven in the morning on the avendia Carlos Canseco, near the Mediterrané.

Municipal transit agents aboard two patrols went to the site of the accident and found the red car between the sidewalk and the traffic lane on the right side. 

At the scene, there were some beer cans, a cooler that left the trunk so the accident could be as a result of sleeplessness, speeding and poor combination of alcoholic state, although it will be based on an investigation as to determine the real cause.

The driver left without injuries and was at the disposal of the Banister Court due to the damage caused to the urban infrastructure. The unit presented strong material damage. 

Source: rasnoticias

The Mazatlan Post