Mazatlan: There will be no water park at Playa Norte


Before the publicity of a water park that allegedly seeks to be developed in Playa Norte, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres clarified that no permit will be issued to anyone who requests to perform such installation.

The mayor clarified that, although they have not come directly to show him the project, it will not incur in causing problems with the fishermen who for a long time have done the fishing gear in the place.

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He recalled that there is a project on the part of the State Government to build a fish market, however, he will sit down with the Governor this Friday to open the alternate road to the airport.

On the other hand, after his return from the Tourist Tianguis of Acapulco, he hoped that it would become the number one beach destination in the country, since he undertook to improve the image, security and public services offered in general.

Benítez Torres stressed that an important issue was finalized, which was to deliver programs on cultural, sports and artistic attractions to facilitate travel sales from tour operators.

Regarding the airlines, the mayor said that the economic negotiation was made with the State, to specify direct flights from various cities in Canada throughout the year, which will bring up to 35 thousand tourists in up to six new routes.

In terms of security, he concluded that the surveys favor the destination, so he exhorted the citizens to contribute to generate a good reception for visitors.

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