Mazatlan will be the example to promote tourism at the national level


Isidro Martínez Vizcaya stressed that the Skal International Mexico Tourism Organization seeks to rescue the attractions of the city to take it to other entities, and thus increase the number of visitors to the destination.

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Mazatlan, Sin.- The tourism organization Skal Internacional México holds the assembly based in Mazatlan, where 850 owners of companies from the sector participate, including hotels, airlines, travel agencies, tour operators, and restaurants, in order to see the infrastructure and how to promote the destination nationally and internationally.

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Isidro Martínez Vizcaya, national president of the Skal International Mexico Organization, explained that they are 22 destinations in which they seek to promote tourism through their leadership, professionalism and friendship concept, where they will work together to enhance business opportunities and develop an industry, responsible tourist.

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“With this real estate boom that construction is having, this is a sign of confidence that local, national and foreign investors are having to Mazatlan, from the moment they make the tianguis. The modification of the ports, the roads, as a state take the goods to the United States, take the merchandise to the United States, it will really help the economy of the region, and in generating jobs, do not say, have confidence that everything that comes for good. “

The national president of the Organization said that Mazatlan in the last two years has grown in its development, image and modernization, so that no doubt that the more than 15 thousand members, of 359 clubs from 84 nations arrive at the beach destination to do a more attractive port and increase the number of visitors.

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