All ready for the ‘Festival of Light 2019’ in Mazatlan


José Ramón Manguar Sánchez invited the general public to enjoy a unique stage this March 30, where there will be 15 pyrotechnic lights show

Mazatlan, Sin.- All ready for thousands of tourists and locals to enjoy the “Festival of Light 2019” that will be this Saturday March 30 in Mazatlan, where people can appreciate a show with more than 15 shots of pyrotechnic lights, José Ramón Manguart Sánchez said.

The president of the Association of Hotels and Motels Three Islands in Mazatlan said that reservations for this weekend are at levels of 70%, although some are already full, since tourists booked in advance to be able to witness this event only.

“Make an open invitation, that people accompany us this Saturday, at eight o’clock at night will start the show, and do not miss this show that is a family event that allows you to have tourists in the same place, with the local community, coexisting, same place same date, in a unique scene at the malecon, “he said.

Manguart Sanchez added that the Secretary of Tourism and City staff went to the City of Mexico with an agenda with another purpose, but given the conditions will offer a press conference to promote the “Festival of Light 2019” and attract more tourists to the destination.

Source: linea directa

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