Mazatlan best service and technology for radiology is at Sharp Hospital


Luis Arturo Lunares Dueñas, Head of the Department of Radiology, said that the union with Lomas de Culiacán Diagnostic is to offer a first-class service to the patient and provide greater diagnosis at the time of conducting any study.

Mazatlan, Sin.- Sharp Hospital and Lomas de Culiacán Diagnostics come together to establish services in the area of ​​radiology since first level equipment was installed to provide a better service to the patient and thus provide greater diagnosis and precision in their studies.

Luis Arturo Lunares Dueñas, Head of the Department of Radiology at the Hospital Sharp de Mazatlan, indicated that the services provided by the radiology department are 1.5 tesla magnetic resonance, this is the most powerful in the private environment in Mazatlan, 64-slice computerized tomography, ultrasonic scaled of gray dopler, digital fluoroscopy, X-ray, and digital mammography.

“Citizens can come the day they like, we have the best equipment in the city, we will attend them with the greatest attention they deserve, they can come to study to check their health, the state they are in, we have many check packages, where we check all the organs, from the head to the tip of the feet “he said.

The interventional radiologist Luis Arturo Lunares Dueñas said that the “Lomas Diagnosis” has three branches, the matrix is ​​in the City of Culiacán and is directed by radiologist Alejandro Mesa Ríos, the other branch in La Paz Baja California, and currently in Mazatlan.

The complete service with:
-Rays X: Computed radiographs (CR), digital, CD unit in DICOM format, print on film. 
-Floutiscopia Digital: studies of SEGD, ERCP, histeroramas, swallowing mechanism. 
-Ultrasound: pelvic, inguinal, testicular, Doppler, hepatic, renal, venous, fetal, AV fistulas. 
-64-slice computerized tomography: cerebral perfusion, angioTAC, pulmonary, extremities, coronary.

In this way, he invited the public to visit the Sharp de Mazatlan Hospital to set appointments, ask for costs, or ask for information on what the patient requires at the time of the study.

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