Mazatlan officials grant permission for the Sunset Paradise Festival and the Kermes Festival.


After days of controversial statements between both parties, the City of Mazatlan will give permission to the promoters of the event La Kermés.

Verónica Bátiz Acosta, Senior Official, declared that the official signature to authorize the dance will be this Tuesday.

He assured that the agreement was reached to change headquarters to the Convention Center for security.

Another authorization that the Commune will grant is for the Sunset Paradise, an electronic music event that concentrates dozens of young people and where alcoholic beverages are sold.

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In 2018, eight people were injured in the event after a walkway collapsed.

Municipal Civil Protection personnel suspended the event after they reported that the walkway was not well established.

The Senior Official said that this year the event complied with the rules, so there is no impediment to carry it out.

“It is already an agreement, we are already only a few hours away, because at this moment the offices are not operating; but yes, already at this moment there is agreement that they are going, “he said.

Bátiz Acosta said that it is important that there is a constant flow of events to guarantee the attractions in the port.

However, he added, that for entrepreneurs it is important to define the time they need to promote their event, since with that same framework they will have to approach the municipal authority.

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