Inauguration of the first Furniture Fair 2019 in Concordia Sinaloa


More than 25 exhibitors, conferences, gastronomic pavilion and other activities were presented in the municipality, where they promote that region is the best in the country, said Felipe Garzón López

Mazatlan, Sin.- In order to increase the economy and revive the industry of the building inaugurated this Saturday the Expo Fair of the Furniture Industry 2019 in Concordia, where more than 25 stands of furniture participated in the exhibition of the public.

Felipe Garzón López, municipal president of Concordia, said that this event will promote that area is the most important furniture provider in the country, since it generates 50% of the economy in the municipality offering quality to buyers.

“A millenary tradition of Concordia, if we had let the inertia and the days pass we would have remained only in the memory stamped, Concordia will be the supplier of furniture for both real estate development, in Mazatlan, in the south of Sinaloa and in the whole country ” 

On behalf of the State Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, the Secretary of Economic Development in Sinaloa Javier Alarcon Mercado, who reiterated the support and commitment with people who have been dedicated for years to develop this furniture, and with the support of Oscar Perez Boost them to tourist destinations in the country.

“What is worth the furniture industry, the manufacturing industry in Sinaloa and start to generate much more value added. We are going to create the conditions so that these people not only stay here making local furniture or regional furniture, but also in the tourist part, we have enormous support from the tourism secretary “.  

In the exhibition furniture was observed from 10 thousand to 20 thousand pesos manufactured by local citizens, as well as interactive workshops, conferences, artisan exhibition, business meetings and gastronomic pavilion.

The inauguration was headed by President Felipe Garzón López, president of concordia, economy secretary Javier Lizárraga Mercado, Guillermo Romero Rodríguez vice president of Codesin, José Andrés Brito, president of the furniture industry cluster in Sinaloa, Óscar Tirado Bernal vice president of tourism in Canaco

Source: linea directa

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