Investors bet on the Peso in Chicago


The strength of the Mexican currency has allowed the entry of foreign flows of almost 7,000 million dollars.

In the futures market of Chicago (CME, for its acronym in English), investors are still betting on the peso, because at the close of the week of February 5, the speculative position in favor of the Mexican currency reached an amount of 1,828 million of dollars, compared to the previous closing (1,660 million dollars), implied an increase of 10.12 percent.

After the closing of the offices of the government of the United States the past 18 of December, the last data that occurred to know was of 282 million dollars in favor of the weight, nevertheless, a previous week it was in 110 million dollars, which implied an increase of 172 million dollars.

The maximum level registered in favor of the peso in the CME was for an amount of 2,581 million dollars, registered on December 5, 2017.

The Mexican currency has managed to recover against the US dollar, since so far this year recorded an accumulated appreciation of 2.76%, this is a gain of 54.26 cents.

The strength of the Mexican peso in the Chicago market has also allowed the entry of foreign flows to the country.

According to data from the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) between January 2 and February 13 of this year have entered an amount of 6.949 million dollars.

On the other hand, in the operations of last Friday, the exchange rate parity registered a gain of 0.79% to settle at levels of 19.1225 pesos per dollar in wholesale operations for sale, although, in intraday transactions, a minimum price of 19.1020 pesos was observed. per dollar.

In the electronic market, the peso-dollar parity quoted at a price of 19.1427 pesos per greenback, with respect to the last transactions of the previous session (19.1225 pesos), meant a slight depreciation of 0.11 percent.

When making a weekly balance, the peso-dollar exchange rate ended with a positive balance, after achieving an appreciation of 0.80% against the US dollar, following the optimism of market participants of a possible end to the US-US trade war. China.

Source: El Economista

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