Anomalies arise in almost all the works of Mazatlan Historical Center


The municipal government advises the construction companies to make corrections in the streets of the center.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- According to the results of an evaluation made by the municipal government, almost all the works done last year in the Historic Center of the city have anomalies.

A work team of the state and municipal government are evaluated street by street the deficiencies that could have the work of paving, installation of lights and public lighting that was made as part of the program of urban regeneration.

Once this stage is completed, the evaluation of the work done on the boardwalk will continue.


This was announced yesterday by the municipal president of Mazatlan during an interview: “Right now we are only with the Historical Center. Both Secretaries of Public Works are already attending street by street, because it is instruction of the governor and it is my request, and as soon as we finish there, to rescue everything that has deteriorated from the Historical Center, we are going through Del Mar Avenue “, said the mayor. 

He stressed that the inspection of the works was ordered by the state governor, Quirino Ordaz Coppel , and requested by the municipal administration. 

The mayor added that once the works in the Historical Center have been rescued, rules will have to be established to conserve the works, since the passage of heavy trucks causes deterioration.

Source: El Debate

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