Fines are applied to owners of abandoned vehicles


In addition to the program of “zero tolerance” policy implemented by the Directorate of Public Security and Traffic Municipal are being applied sanctions on owners of vehicles in abandonment so Oswaldo Castro said Jorge Torres, deputy director of traffic.

The head of said unit, said that the transit elements have detected some vehicles in a state of abandonment, of which its owners have already been notified to proceed with the removal of the units, and if not done, the authority will act and apply the infraction that exceeds one thousand pesos.

We are working on abandoned vehicles, vehicles that we realize we send a trade (to the owner) that has 72 hours to move it, if they ignore this call is lifted with the crane and has a fine of six days minimum wage, apart from the collection of the crane and the pension.

Jorge Oswaldo Castro Torres, sub director of transit.

Castro Torres called on citizens, especially those who live in the periphery of the capital to report the presence of this type of vehicle and can act for retirement.

Finally, he noted that seeks to support the owners, if they have some land to place these vehicles and is close to where the unit is located, they are supported with the transfer free of charge.

Source: Sol de Mazatlan

The Mazatlan Post