‘Subsidy for electricity will help users in Sinaloa’


when high temperatures hit the state, the subsidy for electricity tariffs the citizenship will be able to turn on the air conditioning without fear of a high payment.

Mazatlan, Sin.- In addition to the support that the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will give to Sinaloa, the subsidy on electricity tariffs is very important support for the citizens to have better income savings, said Emilio Noé Hermanes Kelly.

After the high temperatures that occur in the state, air conditioning is a theme of well-being, this being the electronic device that generates more electricity consumption, which means there is less spending, in the short term that is beneficial, he said. the president of the Chamber of the Transformation Industry in Mazatlan.

“They do not turn on the air conditioning because it is the one that consumes the most electricity due to the high temperatures that exist in the state, so this subsidy that depends on the Federal Government is very important so that the population does not increase the receipt and render it much. plus the expense, “he said.

Hermanes Kelly mentioned before the announcement made by the President of the Republic, not only blessed the domestic sectors, but other sectors will be benefited, since the electric power receipts will be much lower, in this way they will be able to invest budget in other services.

“In general if, instead of spending on a high energy bill, people have available income to spend on trade, services or other aspects of the praise,” he said.

The president of the Canirac said that despite being a matter of domestic rates, Sinaloa has made this request for several years, which was now authorized by President López Obrador, he hopes that this measure will improve the income of all Sinaloans.

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