RIU Hotels and Resorts announces $ 40 million Usd investment in Mazatlan


Governor Quirino Ordaz meets with Carmen Riu, who proposes to continue seeing Sinaloa in its expansion plans.

Madrid Spain; to January 22, 2019.- Grupo RIU, a Spanish company that operates a complex in Mazatlan, has decided to invest 40 million dollars (about 760 million pesos) in expanding its hotel in the port with the construction of 300 new rooms, In addition to diversifying its offer for tourists with more restaurants, swimming pools and recreational areas, Carmen Riu announced when meeting in Madrid with the governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz Coppel.

The state governor described the above as very good news because it shows that investors have been very confident about the change that Mazatlan has experienced after the Tourism Tianguis, with the transformation of the Historic Center, the boardwalk and the construction of new attractions. like the central park and the next aquarium, but also the fact that insecurity has decreased a lot.

The businesswoman Carmen Riu – whose Group operates 50 thousand rooms in the world – said that they see Mazatlan well “otherwise we would not increase the number of beds. We see it well and apart (though) the first two years cost us a bit, now we are very happy and that is why we have decided to make 300 more rooms “.

He explained that with this investment, whose expansion works will culminate this year, there will be much more offer of restaurants and swimming pools, with different quieter areas and others with more entertainment in the hotel, where the customer can choose different ways to enjoy their vacations.

On the advantages that they observe in Mazatlan, he pointed out that the beach is fantastic and then the city is relatively close and, in addition, it is a destination that the Mexican likes very much. “Then, we can have a lot of national clients there.”

Quirino Ordaz and the businesswoman Carmen Riu held a meeting at the Embassy of Mexico in Spain, located in Madrid, with the accompaniment of the Secretary of Tourism, Óscar Pérez Barros, where they talked about expectations of further growth. The state governor explained that Carmen Riu recommended that they continue on this path of strengthening, supporting and improving the destination, where more tourists are arriving and the number of cruise ships has increased.

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“I told him that after these 300 rooms would reach the thousand and with the growth they bring, for example, Mazatlan that they thought to expand, to buy more land elsewhere”.

Quirino Ordaz raised the issue of Playa Espíritu, in Teacapán, in addition to the area of ​​Barrancas del Cobre, of the Chepe train, with a corridor to Mazatlán, which generated a lot of interest. “I believe that the fact that they continue betting on Sinaloa for more investment, is the result of the confidence that has been generated, in which the conditions of the tourist destination have been drastically improved,” the governor said.

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