Mazatlan: 13 Businesses that sell alcohol suspended due to irregularities


They proceeded to do so for not having their schedule extensions and found underage drinking alcoholic drinks, said Jose de Jesus Flores Segura.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Mayoría Oficial , in coordination with Public Safety, proceeded to suspend this weekend, thirteen businesses dedicated to the sale of alcohol in various parts of the city for not having their schedule extensions, reported José de Jesús Flores Segura .

The Secretary of the City of Mazatlan said that during the surprise operation, the inspectors also found minors drinking alcoholic beverages and therefore, they were given an economic sanction.

“We only apply in the pure extension of schedule, because we ran out of the tickets that we had signed that were thirteen, and we did not manage to advance”.

“… there are 345 permits of that turn that do not comply with different issues, at first the schedule because they cannot be selling alcoholic beverages after the required time,” he explained.

The official said that in the reviews have detected that the permits authorized to sell alcohol do not correspond to the addresses of the establishments, and that is a violation of the regulations, so they applied fines, which range from 10 thousand to 13 thousand pesos.

“There was a detainee, an owner of an outlet because he violated the stamps, he put the stamps on them and he opened them again, this was on Francisco Villa Avenue and September 16th in a supermarket that is there.”

“… it had to be stopped and there is no agreement here, you just have to respect the law and that it is in order,” he said.

Flores Segura called on the state government to respect the law and not deliver a memorandum to the owners of these businesses because it goes against the regulations, and also, they incur in illegality.

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