Mazatlan: API announces plan to expand container area


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Development Council of Sinaloa urged the Integral Port Administrator to date the projects for the expansion of the port that has been postponed consecutively.

He warned that due to the lack of infrastructure and port capacity, Mazatlan is missing out on all the opportunities that have been generated by the oversaturation of ports such as Veracruz and Manzanillo.  

Some companies dedicated to cargo transport are looking for other competitive ports due to the collapse in the port services and attention in Manzanillo. For this reason, ships have been diverted to alternate ports such as Lázaro Cárdenas. 

In the same way, he explained, there are strikes on the west coast of the United States, which has channeled cargo to Ensenada. 
Unfortunately, he said, Mazatlan is not on the radar of companies, because it has not been prepared.

Ruelas Solís explained that in a recent meeting, the API representatives presented a project to expand the container area to create a more specialized area in that field.

The priorities

What is being considered in the study presented by the API is to build a cruise terminal and make a specialized container terminal, which could support the growth of a specialized branch.

For this, detailed Ruelas Solís, it will require a mix of public and private investment. 
However, the representatives of Codesin insisted on the definition of a schedule of projects with specific dates.

“That we define times because they have not given time, three or four times and we meet them,” the customs agent also urged. “We consider that the first step is the generation of the infrastructure given through an expansion and dredging of the canal, as well as the dock; that is urgent, “he said. 

Source: EL Debate
The Mazatlan Post