More than 100 thousand people witnessed Durango’s “Noche de Muertos”


Municipal authorities of Durango’s state capital reported that during the “Night of the Dead in Durango” more than 100 thousand spectators gathered along 20 de Noviembre Avenue to see the parade.

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A total of 42 floats and groups of catrinas, catrines, skulls, skeletons and other Mexican traditional, historical (and hysterical) characters such as José Guadalupe Posada, Porfirio Díaz, Dolores del Río, José Alfredo Jiménez, Francisco Villa, Frida Kahlo, Ricardo Castro, Pedro Infante, the author of the Durango newspaper Miguel Ángel Gallardo, Guadalupe Victoria, María Félix, Cantinflas and Benigno Montoya, among others “suddenly appeared” to surprise the spectators.

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In addition, the characters of the Oscar-winning film “Coco”, “El Santo”, La Monja de Catedral ” and ” La Llorona “, also came out “from the crypt”. There was a tribute to athletes, as well as police officers and firefighters fallen in the line of duty.

Asiste a la rodada nocturna de Día de Muertos

The mayor of Durango, Jose Ramon Enriquez Herrera said it was a night full of mysticism, with the smell of “Pan de Muerto” and the colorful catrinas roaming the streets of this colonial city full of culture and history that has a great historical heritage to offer the rest of the world, and which municipal cemetery boasts a museum like few in the world.

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The Mazatlan Post with information from El Heraldo de México