The Classic car race Panamericana 2018 already has winners


Proud of Mexico and its events, La Carrera Panamericana represents an icon of classic motor sport internationally.

Five years ago the Pan American Race feels more than proud to have its goal in the city of Durango, in its 2018 edition once again the sports society of Durango, lover of speed and classic vehicles, opened the doors to this competition to finish with all success and with the Oaxacan Emilio Velázquez as the winner of the highest category.

The competition started in the state of Oaxaca and for the wedge tightening was the native of that entity, Emilio Velázquez, who along with his navigator Cristian Coronel, won the laurels and the championship of the 2018 edition of the Pan American Race.

It was the governor of the state of Durango José Rosas Aisupro Torres who waved the checkered flag to the winners of the different categories, accompanied by the mayor of the city of Durango José Ramón Enríquez Herrera and the tourism secretary Eleazar Gamboa de la Parra, who for this edition they gave the Pan-American all the support for it to conclude with the best of successes.

Do not forget that Xavier Lamadrid and Agustín Reyes, the first from Jalisco who wore the colors of Durango and the second, the only Duranguense from the competition but based in the Sultana del Norte, were covered in glory in their respective categories. take the ovation of the Durango fanaticada that in great amount was given appointment to the final goal arch that was located in front of the Cathedral Basilica Minor, the most important monument in the north of the Mexican Republic.

Image: Angel Meraz
Image: Alfredo Valdez
Returning to the actions of the highest category, it is important to recapitulate that early Thursday morning they left the city of Zacatecas with the leadership of Velázquez, followed by Hilaire Damirone and Laura Damirone, while in the third and fourth positions, respectively, they started the car of Douglas Pocket and Pablo Cervantes.

But the last stage was coming, that of the Sierra Madre Occidental in its journey from the Durango – Mazatlan highway. That same one that is recognized by its singular beauty that exposes places like the Spine of the Devil and the Baluarte Bridge. That same one where the competitors ignore the lethal and dangerous curves to step on the accelerator thoroughly so that the adrenaline explodes in its maximum splendor.

In this last stage Emilio Velázquez knew that maintaining calm would practically be the winner, this attitude permeated the Oaxacan and his navigator Cristian Coronel to become the winners of the 2018 edition of Carrera Panamericana, this despite the great efforts made by the Brazilian Laura Damirone as navigator and her husband and pilot, the French Hilaire who finally finished as seconds.

Within the third position there were changes because Pocket failed to maintain the third place and was overtaken by Pablo Cervantes’ car for these cars to conclude with the third and fourth positions, respectively.

In this way, Durango lovers of classic cars that generate extreme speeds of the Pan American Race, gathered in front of the Cathedral Basilica Minor to welcome the winners and the entire contingent of participants who shaped this important competition , cataloged as one of the best on the planet earth.

This time it was former pilot Mario Dominguez the great Marshall of the Pan American Race, who spoke for El Sol de Durango and said he was surprised by the great stage that the entity gives in its phase of the Devil’s Spine and the Baluarte Bridge, scenarios that described as wonderful for the sports competition of this great event.

So concluded this competition in its 2018 edition and surely, by 2019 it will return with more surprises, especially, taking Durango as the great goal of this race that is followed worldwide by fans of motorsport.

Source: El Sol De Durango, La Carrera Panamericana