Spectacular National Fair of Durango: Headlining Enrique Iglesias


24 days of celebration to commemorate the 455th anniversary of the founding of Durango capital

Durango lives 24 days of celebration to commemorate the 455th anniversary of its foundation. The celebration takes place at the National Fair of Durango, a space created for tourists and locals to enjoy recreational activities for all tastes and within reach of all pockets, with a general admission cost of 15 pesos and a raffle for a car every day.
Spectacular National Fair of Durango
The FENADU, extends in a land of 54 hectares, in which there are spaces for fun, culture, and entertainment.
A building with auditoriums, a velarium with space for 10 thousand people where great concerts and shows take place, Palenque, charro canvas and pavilions for gastronomic and artisan exhibitions, restaurants, bars and pubs area, as well as an artificial lake where some water activities.
Spectacular National Fair of Durango
The mechanical games occupy a large space in the Fair, are the main attraction for children and the place offers all the snacks and games of chance typical of Mexican fairs. The prices of the games vary between 20 and 60 pesos, with a promotion of 2×1 on Wednesdays.
In addition to all these attractions, the National Fair of Durango, offers a very attractive billboard, during the 24 days, artists of all genres are presented in both the Palenque and the velar with shows that meet the most demanding expectations.
Spectacular National Fair of Durango
The organizers of the FENADU, the decentralized public organism of Fairs, Shows and Tourist Walks of the Government of the State of Durango, point out that the event tends to grow, each year break attendance record, besides generating a significant number of jobs and detonate the commercial activity in the city of Durango.
Julio Muciño Pereda, general director of the organism of Shows and tourist fairs of the state of Durango, points out that the great attraction of FENADU, lies in what is accessible in terms of price and the variety of attractions.
Spectacular National Fair of Durango
This year the National Fair of Durango, culminates on August 5 with the presentation of Enrique Iglesias in one of the parking of the place, for that day is expected a general assistance to the Fair of about 80 thousand people.
Enrique Iglesias
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