Best Bars and Clubs of Mazatlan


The Mazatlecos like to have fun in bars, clubs, nightclubs and even having a beer sitting on the beach. If you are looking for clubs in Mazatlan, it will depend a lot on your musical tastes and what kind of fun you like.

If you want to drink some beers or drinks, you should look for a bar, if you want to dance with the success of the moment and try all night long, look for a better place and if you like the band look for a bar or a bar that will touch it because unlike what is I could believe Mazatlan is that there are few places that play band compared to those that do not. Here we leave the places where you can go out and have fun in Mazatlan at night.

Bars in Mazatlan

To be in the same channel I have to clarify that it is a dive, a dive is a place where there are colored lights everywhere you usually go dancing to a place like this, you can order a beer, your favorite bottle or a prepared drink.

Some of these places have an entrance cover, some only give you a table if you order a bottle or several buckets of beer.

So here we leave you the dens of Mazatlan:

Roe Retro Bar 

Bars in Mazatlan

Located in the street children Heroes  Roe Retro Bar has a retro atmosphere where the music you’re going to hear is from the 90’s and 2000 of that for some strange reason we all know, they have cocktails and great atmosphere.

Telephone Roe Bar Mazatlán: 669 149 0741

The Rigoberta Cantina

Located in Camarón Sabalo street in front of the restaurant, the Chinese wall La Rigoberta Cantina is one of the newest clubs in Mazatlan, besides having good music and drinks, the tacos they sell are very rich.

Telephone La Rigoberta Cantina: 669 270 4949

Joe’s Oyster Bar

Oyster bar Mazatlan party

This is a legendary place in Mazatlan and we have already talked about the place  where you can live the atmosphere that made our city famous for being fun, it is a relaxed place where you can find local people and visitors having fun in some of its areas, the favorite of many is where the sand is. A place that has managed to stay in everyone’s taste.

The oyster is located inside the Ramada hotel (at a glance)

Joe’s Oyster Bar Phone: 669 983 5333

Life in Spanish 

Although at first glance it may look like a restaurant, the  Life in Spanish is the closest thing to Señor Frogs where during the day it was one and at night it was something totally different, although it is in a different decoration to the frogs in fun it is very similar and you can go to dance no matter how old you are. The Life is located in el Cid and they have another location in the center in the Calle Niños Héroes against the corner of the mining company (El Bar del Presidio)

Life Phone in Spanish: 669 159 0161

Shots Bar Mazatlan 

The Shots when I arrived in the city was well received by the Mazatlecos, it is a place where so many people do not fit but they have good shots and the wings that prepare the place are delicious. This place is where the restaurant areas of the gastronomic corridor of the Marina Mazatlán begins.

Telephone Shots bar: 669 159 9269


Darawa is located on Avenida del Mar after the Sands Las Arenas hotel. They have Karaoke days in addition to salsa classes and Latin rhythms

Phone Darawa Mazatlán: 669 954 1014

Amsterdam Night Life

Located in the golden zone passing the Plaza where the Fish Market is located almost in front of the beautiful town this Amsterdam Night Life, has a good atmosphere, some days in addition to Dj also have live music and cocktails.

Telephone Amsterdam Nightlife Mazatlán: 669 278 1478

Mal del Puerco Mazatlan

El Mal del Pork is located in the upper part of the square that faces the Restaurant Los Arcos, passing the Cid Resorts. In this place they serve drinks, garnachas while they play good music.

Phone El Mal del Puerco Mazatlán: 669 240 7103

Classico Mazatlan

The Classico is located at Avenida Camarón Sábalo # 5510 on the curve after passing the Trokeria and the Gymnasium. They have several promotions that vary each week, reserve and ask for their promotion for birthday children.

Classico Mazatlan Telephone: 669 139 8847

Privé Mazatlán

Privé is the place that many recommend going because you are going to have fun in this clubs in Mazatlan, it has a great atmosphere and also its owners have years of experience to entertain the Mazatlecos and their visitors. Prive is located at Av. La Marina # 2304 passing a square

Prive Mazatlan Telephone: 669 993 2925

El Pata

The Latin leg is in Plaza La Marina Business & Life, Avenida La Marina 2302 (before getting to privé) have nights of old but beautiful music that makes you dance, also reggaeton oldie (good) also food It is very rich and the atmosphere is also very good.

Pata Latino Telephone: 669 271 0582

La Consentida 

The spoiled one is also the Plaza La Marina on the avenue la Marina # 2302 and I have not entered but the comments that have made me is that it has a very good atmosphere, always listen to the people inside sing then always put music to that you spend dancing and singing. It is a place where it does not matter if you like to drink beer, a drink or take shots for everyone.

Telephone of La Consentida Mazatlán: 669 240 4037

The Bungalows 

The Bungalow has been recommended to me many times, some people say that it is like the new Oyster but in chiquito and more chilo, it is located next to the Alawa Restaurant entrance before arriving at El Cid on Camarón Sábalo Avenue.

Antros in Mazatlán de banda

In our port you can also hear a band, so here is the list of clubs in Mazatlán where they play band and norteño so they can dance to the beat of tambora or sing at the top of their lungs those songs that come to your heart.

I would like to describe all the clubs in Mazatlan better but some I have not visited them or I have not been to them for years, so if you have gone to some of these mazatlecos nightclubs, leave your experience and description in the comments. Also if we miss one with pleasure we add it.