Campo magazine, a sample of the state agricultural panorama


Sinaloa agriculture considered the largest food source in Mexico for its generous productivity of high value in the national and international market, is today recognized by its newspaper Noroeste to publish in this portal the magazine Campo , in its June edition.

You will find a journalistic compendium that shows the agricultural activities of the Sinaloa Valley, showing both the varieties of horticultural harvest, and its exemplary biotechnification, and also shares studies of Sinaloan institutions that focus on achieving a sustainable and competitive first level agriculture.

Thus, in its field magazine you will find information on the new ecotechnologies, state-of-the-art machinery, the latest legislation on the denomination of origin, agricultural policies of Mexico on the European market, professionalization of labor, advances in export protocols , stimulation of crops, food processing, advantages of agrominerals, protection of fields and cooperatives and more.

His magazine Campo, is the editorial space to publicize how Sinaloa works from sunrise to sunset to protect one of the main economic engines of Mexico: agriculture.