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Video: CAPTA Mazatlan, National Example of Tourism Support

190,000 foreign tourists have arrived in Mazatlan so far in 2022 The Tourist Attention and Protection Center (CAPTA), in Mazatlan, is a pioneer and national...

Business and Economy

Real Estate

World Trade Center project presented to Mazatlan businessmen

The 1873 Observatory dressed up, with Sinaloan businessmen from other states but also from other countries who fell in love with the attractions of...

Casa Herrasti, the Mazatlan mansion that was a military barracks

Casa Herrasti is considered an architectural beauty of Mazatlan for its eclectic style; It was the headquarters of the University of Mazatlan and UNITESIN. MAZATLAN.- Walking...


Mexican actor born in Mazatlan Pablo Lyle faces justice after killing Cuban man in Miami

On the surface, the story could be ripped from a Mexican Telenovela: A wealthy, handsome son of...

The Sierra de Concordia is ready for the Cain Road Race 2022 

The Cain Road Race 2022 will leave more than 10 million pesos of economic spill in communities...

Food and Drink

Hawaiian Paradise arrives in Mazatlan

From Durango to Mazatlan, Hawaiian Paradise arrives with shaved ice and crepes to enjoy in the Pearl of the Pacific. Ivonne Reynoso and Lorena Ibarra, decided to bet on their business in Mazatlan lands, and...

Do you love Oysters? then save this date to attend the Oyster Fair in...

Pavel Cruz, director of Tourism in Elota, stated that the spill that the fair leaves for the region is 5 to 10 million pesos, both for hoteliers, restaurant owners and oyster owners. MAZATLAN. – The Oyster...

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