This is how the impressive sculpture of the Deer in Mazatlán, Sinaloa is looking like


In two days the sculpture of the Deer will be inaugurated in Mazatlán, Sinaloa

Two days before the inauguration of the sculpture of the Deer in the roundabout of Carlos Canseco and Atlántico avenues, in the port of Mazatlán, the last details of beautification in the area are being carried out.

Last details

The Mayor of Mazatlán, Edgar González, accompanied by municipal officials and the businessman who donated the sculpture, Oscar Sánchez, made a special tour of the emblematic site where the urban sculpture of the deer stands, a representative symbol of the cultural identity and the rich history of the region.

“We are in charge of all the gardening, which has to do with alternate arrangements, cleaning, gardening, lighting,” said Edgar González.

The Mayor explained that the businessman Oscar Sánchez will be in charge of all the details of the Deer such as painting and maintenance.

The gardening will be entrusted to the businessmen who have their businesses near the aforementioned roundabout.

Source: tusbuenasnoticias