Security will be reinforced in Mazatlán to prevent disappearances of tourists


A work plan is being developed that includes permanent guards and the coordination of all institutions.

With the approach of the summer vacation, security measures in Sinaloa will be intensified to prevent incidents, especially in reports of disappearances of people visiting the state.

The regional deputy prosecutor for the southern zone, Jesús Arnoldo Serrano Castelo, reported on the coordination of all institutions in a work plan, which includes permanent guards to ensure the safety of vacationers.

He explained that this joint effort seeks to ensure that each entity fulfills its obligations to maintain order and tranquility during the holiday season, prioritizing the protection of tourists.

“The message is that vacationers come and that the preventive police do their function as we do ours. The responsibility for each institution is legally very clear, the key is that everyone does what corresponds to them,” he pointed out.

Serrano Castelo mentioned that they receive reports of disappearances, many of which are initiated by protocol when a person is reported as absent; however, this is reflected when the folder is resolved favorably, which is why until the interview is formally integrated it can be resolved. A recent case he mentioned is the location of a foreigner who had been reported missing, who was found in a northern state of the country and communicated with the public ministry staff through his relatives.

Authorities call on vacationers to enjoy their stay in Sinaloa, ensuring that all necessary measures will be implemented to guarantee their safety.

Source: Luz Noticias