Decree on change of land use can “unblock” projects of large towers in Mazatlán: mayor


Édgar González Zataráin affirms that the growth of Mazatlán has to continue, but it must be organized

The decree authorized by the municipal government that allows the mayor of Mazatlán to change the use of land to increase the level of condominium towers in the city, will open the doors to companies that were looking to establish themselves in the port, but were “limited” by law.

Mayor Edgar González Zataráin spoke about this resolution of the City Council, which will be published in the Official Gazette of the State of Sinaloa and will come into effect shortly, for the benefit of the World Trade Center project, on the property where the “Eduardo Fountanet” Bullring was.

“What are we looking for here? That the developments that have not been able to land in Mazatlán, because they are limited, have that possibility of establishing themselves in Mazatlán, of chains that are now very well-known at a national and international level, can come to Mazatlán, without having that limitation.”

The municipal president said that the development and economic growth of Mazatlán must continue, and that this implies investing more in infrastructure.

“The issue is that the economy, the growth of Mazatlán has to continue; it has to be organized, it has to be invested in, now, in the networks of drinking water, drainage, services, yes, it has to be invested in, but you can’t stop, you can’t stop development, you can’t stop growth. You have to find a way to walk, to transit…”.

González Zataráin pointed out that this decree should not replace the update that is currently being carried out on the Master Plan for Urban Development of Mazatlán, the Partial Plan for the Historic Center and the Construction Regulations, work that could be done in September or October.

He pointed out that the case of the World Trade Center is the first project that will benefit from this decree, however, there are two others that are currently being analyzed and are in the hotel and condominium sector.

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For his part, Paul Galindo Maldonado, director of Sustainable Urban Development, commented that in the area where the business center will be established, according to what is dictated by the master plan, only 10 levels can be built, however, the project contemplates 30 floors.

He added that the investors relied on the Law of Territorial Ordering and Urban Development of the State of Sinaloa that contemplates urban instruments, in order to be able to access certain levels or certain transfers of potential, hence the issuance of said decree.

Source: lineadirectaportal