Mazatlán will soon be home to the Whale Museum; Discover all the details


The National Whale Museum (Munba) is the new tourist attraction in Mazatlán dedicated to whale conservation and is set to open its doors soon.

The project by Grupo Petroil is committed to the conservation of these
marine mammals and will feature 12 exhibition rooms with digital modules,
offering a fascinating experience to its visitors.Starting July 23, Munba, the National Whale Museum, will begin operations in
Mazatlán, a space devoted to the conservation of these marine mammals, allowing
visitors to immerse themselves in the wonderful marine world.Munba is another project by Grupo Petroil, born from the fascination with
the sea and whales held by Amado Guzmán Reynaud, director of Grupo Petroil.The official presentation to the media took place in Munba’s Oceanic
Societies room, with the presence of the museum’s director, Oscar Guzon, Mónica
Medina, director of tourism promotion, and Lizbeth Gallegos, coordinator of
educational programs at Munba.When will Munba be inaugurated? The director of tourism promotion mentioned
that July 23 was chosen for the inauguration of Munba because it is
International Whale and Dolphin Day. She also highlighted that the investment
for this project is 25 million pesos and that by the end of this year, Grupo
Petroil will be opening a new attraction called The Pirates’ House.The director of Munba detailed that the museum will consist of 12 exhibition
rooms with digital modules. Regarding the construction of the project, he
specified that it was designed by architect Alejandro Acosta, using recyclable
containers with a black and white geometry.The National Whale Museum will not only be a benchmark for marine
conservation but will also be a space for education and scientific research,
starting with the educational program “One, Two, Three, for Me and the Oceans,”
which is under the charge of Lizbeth Gallegos.This educational program will allow children and youth to explore and
discover the marine world. A room called Munba Kids will be dedicated to this
program, where meetings, thematic workshops, and reading rooms will take place.What will be the cost of admission? From its inauguration, the National Whale Museum will be open from 10 in the
morning to six in the evening, and the entrance fee for adults will be 500
pesos and 300 pesos for children.