Cases of traumatic contact with marine animals on the rise in Mazatlán


Incidents include jellyfish burns, sea urchin pricks, and stingray stings.

In recent weeks, the Mexican Red Cross, Mazatlán Delegation, has reported a significant increase in treatments for traumatic contact with marine animals.

These incidents, which include jellyfish burns, stingray stings, and sea urchin pricks, have primarily affected vacationers, especially foreigners, reported Dr. Jaqueline Valerio Ramos, medical coordinator of the Red Cross Mazatlán.

“In April, we had 20 cases of this type, but in May there was a notable increase with 57 cases, being the highest number, we have recorded for this condition. The surf competition that took place in the port greatly influenced this increase,” mentioned Valerio Ramos.

Of the 57 cases attended in May, 24 were jellyfish burns, 11 were stingray stings, and 22 were sea urchin pricks.

The doctor emphasized the importance of staying alert and taking necessary precautions when entering the sea, as in many cases, stingray stings are caused when people accidentally step on them, as they are not aggressive animals, but their sting is one of the most painful.

This type of incident tends to increase during the warmer months due to changes in sea temperature; when the water temperature drops, especially on cloudy days, marine animals approach the shore in search of warmth.

Dr. Valerio Ramos explained that to prevent these incidents, it is advisable to follow the instructions of the Coast Guard and lifeguards, who inform about the areas where it is safer to swim.

It is important to heed these instructions and not use home remedies in case of contact with these animals. Although fortunately, in Mazatlán, there are no marine species that are extremely dangerous, it is crucial to see a doctor for a professional assessment, she commented.

Source: Luz Noticias