The Mazatlán City Council is aiming to reduce the risk of flooding in vulnerable areas.


They have initiated actions such as a rehabilitation project for the concrete slabs in the lined stormwater channel that runs along Venados Avenue in Infonavit Alarcón, as explained by the Director of Public Works, Rigoberto Arámburo Bojórquez.

“We are carrying out the repair of concrete slabs, both on the slopes and the lower part of different channels in the city. In this case, we share photos from Venados Avenue in Infonavit Alarcón, but just as it is being done at that point, we did it in Valle Dorado, we are doing it in Real del Valle, in Real Pacífico, we did it on Delfín Avenue, in Alarcón in the same way, we did it on Santa Rosa Avenue to mitigate deterioration and at the same time flooding.”

He indicated that these actions include the repair of slopes and lower parts of these water bodies, with similar actions being carried out in the channels of Valle Dorado, Real del Valle, and Real Pacífico.

The municipal official specified that these works aim to address the deterioration of the infrastructure of the stormwater channels with linings, as well as to mitigate the risk of flooding in vulnerable polygons of the low-lying areas of the city.

Source: Los Noticieristas