Proposal to Install Wildlife Hospital in Central Park of Mazatlán


A Wildlife Hospital and a provisional area for rescued animals are planned to be installed in an unoccupied space in the Central Park of Mazatlán, according to what was stated by the director of Ecology of the Mazatlán City Council, Eunice Murúa.

“A Wildlife Hospital, here would be the access, very independent of what the Park is,” Murúa expressed to Mayor Édgar González Zataráin during a tour he conducted on Friday through that place accompanied by some officials of his administration, such as the director and the director of Public Services and Municipal Public Works, Carla Camacho and Rigoberto Arámburo Bojórquez, respectively, among others.

Murúa said that since she arrived at the Directorate of Ecology, she has been very clear about what her objective is according to the regulations and her attributions, and this department is only responsible for domestic animals, that is, dogs and cats, but her biologist’s heart cannot be limited to that and refrain from seeing injured deer on the roads or attending reports of seagulls, pichichine ducks, or parakeets.

“So for all this, which was a job that the Mazatlán Aquarium used to do at that time, when it closed its doors, a certain part, I’m not saying all because the current Aquarium is also doing a job, a certain part of the wildlife was left unprotected, so the Mayor has that sensitivity with the welfare of wildlife as well and in that sense, we explored the possibility of being able to rehabilitate the area that used to function as Animal Kingdom,” continued Eunice Murúa.

“We have identified about 30 cages, some specialized for reptiles, others for amphibians, others for birds, and others for mammals. The cages that are enabled for mammals are going to be rehabilitated for dogs and cats in our case or in the case that we have a report of a raccoon, deer, opossum, armadillo, wild boar, any of these types of situations. I’m not saying that we are going to make a wildlife refuge, by no means, Semarnat (Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources) is already aware of this, Profepa (Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection) is already aware of this economically.”

What is going to be done is that if a report of a pelican with a stick is received, the Ecology Directorate crew will go to capture it, bring it to this space so that a wildlife veterinarian specialist can assess it, it will be rehabilitated for as long as it requires and will be released almost immediately.

“This is just a transfer of a space where it is not receiving the attention it needs, it receives the attention and is released again; likewise, we also have that urgent need to continue removing animals from the Basurón. The wildlife of the Basurón was gradually scared away, but the domestic fauna persists, the one that still depends on some waste that is there,” she continued.

“So, we continue to remove, with the support of many animal rescue associations here in Mazatlán, but we no longer have spaces either with them or with us, so this space is going to come to be also a haven to be able to receive the little animals from the Basurón, rehabilitate them and give them up for adoption.”

Source: Noreste